I secretly always wanted to paint with watercolors

Is this you? If so, brace yourself for an exciting journey! We’ve got 47 watercolor classes for you to discover the joy of watercolor painting with a lifetime deal.

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Home Variant 01 - watercolor
Home Variant 01 - watercolor

Welcome to our Watercolor Painting Academy

Practice from anywhere
at your own pace

Regardless of your level (total beginners are welcome), our courses are packed with in-depth practical training and classes on all aspects of watercolor painting.

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47 watercolor classes

512+ video lessons & exercises

A 30-lessons beginner course

Color mixing, light & shadows, perspective...

Facebook community for help and feedback

Unlock your artistic potential

Unlock your artistic-potential
Our online courses offer you the freedom to learn and grow at your own pace, fitting perfectly around your busy lifestyle. No more scheduling conflicts or commuting to physical classes – all you need is an internet connection, and you can start exploring the beautiful world of watercolor painting.
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No more scheduling conflict

No commuting to physical classes

You just need an internet connection

Unlock your artistic-potential
47 expert-led classes

With access to 47 expert-led classes

You’ll embark on a comprehensive journey from basic techniques to advanced composition and color theory. Each class is designed with a clear structure and easy-to-follow steps, ensuring a rewarding learning experience whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced artist looking to refine your techniques.
47 expert-led classes
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512 videos lessons in 47 classes

Clear classe structure to follow

Real teacher feedback, you are not left alone

Your instructor, Yana

Is a professional award-winning watercolor artist with over a decade of experience. Her passion for watercolor and teaching shines through in every class, guiding you with valuable insights and personal feedback to help you improve your skills and express your creativity.
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Real professional watercolor artist

More than ten years of experience teaching

Always available to give feedback

lifetime access

One-time payment, lifetime access, no recurring.

lifetime access
This means you can revisit any material or technique as needed, reinforcing your learning and perfecting your art at your leisure. And with the money you’ll save compared to traditional classes, this is an investment that truly pays off in the long run.

Join us in the academy and let us help you discover the joy of watercolor art. Your journey towards mastering this beautiful and expressive medium starts here.

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Access your classes anytime you want, forever

Make an investment that pay off in the long run

One-time payment NO RECURING

Access 47 classes

Our courses library

Chunk-down programmatic learning is more effective and produces better learning outcomes than one start-to-finish course. That’s why we have project base classes to keep it fresh and keep you focused on individual projects as you build your skills.

Beginner to Advanced
Watercolor Beginner complete course
Course - 33 Lessons

If you have never tried watercolor before, this course will lead you through each stage of watercolor discovery: materials, first brush strokes, common mistakes, main techniques, tricks, and more. It is packed with theory, exercises, and exciting projects to bring you from a novice level to an advanced one!

Portrait of a woman
Course - 18 Lessons

Discover human facial anatomy in-depth, complete exercises, and learn how to paint any portrait in pencil and in watercolor.

Cute & Realistic Cat Step by Step
Course - 11 Lessons

Paint a portrait of this cute ginger cat while mastering the watercolor layering technique.

Paint Cherry Blossom in Watercolor
Course - 9 Lessons

Focus on gentle color transitions of the cherry blossom and learn to create depth in floral watercolor painting.

Birds in 6 styles
Course - 23 Lessons

Discover 6 styles you can paint in watercolor (realistic, impressionistic, illustration, mixed, grisaille, and Sumi-e) on the example of cute birds.

Paint a rose without a sketch
Course - 9 Lessons

Take your rose painting to the next level by creating a flower without a preliminary pencil sketch.


  • Beginner crash course
  • Cute Animal Doodles in Watercolor
  • Exotic Fruit Series: Watermelon
  • Exotic Fruit Series: Papaya
  • Exotic Fruit Series: Dragon Fruit
  • Exotic Fruit Series: Figs
  • Exotic Fruit Series: Mango
  • Exotic Fruit Series: Guava
  • Exotic Fruit Series: Passion Fruit
  • Exotic Fruit Series: Star Fruit
  • Explore different atmosphere in watercolor
  • Paint a Daisy Flower in Watercolor
  • Pink Flamingos in 6 Styles
  • Puppies in a blanket
  • Relaxing with Watercolor
  • Sketch and Travel in Thailand
  • Watercolor Postcards: Christmas Series
  • Yummy Tangerines
  • Watercolor Advent Calendar
  • Minimalistic Florals: Strelitzia
  • Canelé
  • Plumeria Flower
  • Yellow flowers
  • Sunflower
  • Cute Cat With a Butterfly
  • Toucan for Beginners
  • Deer on a Mountain
  • Colorful Leaves
  • Winter Forest
  • White flower secrets
  • Watercolor Palm Leaves
  • Sunset over a deck
  • Strawberry Cake
  • Red Cardinal
  • Portrait of a woman
  • Paint Cherry Blossom in Watercolor
  • Paint a rose without a sketch
  • Mysterious Leaves
  • Loose Landscape
  • Field of flowers
  • Exotic Fruit Series: Durian
  • Cute & Realistic Cat Step by Step
  • Christmas Wreath
  • Minimalistic Florals: Protea
  • Imperfect autumn leaves in watercolor
  • Exotic Fruit Series: Masterpiece
  • Birds in 6 styles

All our classes have a comment system where you can submit your work & exercises and get honest feedback from Yana.

Easy access

Works on all devices

Learn Watercolor on all devices
Meet Yana, your teacher

Professional teaching

Home Variant 01 - watercolor
Home Variant 01 - watercolor

That's Lesly

He is doing all the tech parts.

Yana is a professional, award-winning watercolor artist with over ten years of experience.

She’s tried different techniques and approaches to watercolor.

She hosted weekly workshops in Thailand and organized classes and art events in different countries in Asia and Europe.

When you learn from Yana, you learn from an artist who has started where you are, made mistakes, and discovered the techniques that work. Benefit from her experience, passion, and dedication, and take your watercolor skills to the next level.

Yana Awards
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Home Variant 01 - watercolor
Home Variant 01 - watercolor

That's Lesly

He is doing all the tech parts.

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"Easy and engaging classes"

Learn Watercolor Facebook Testimonial
Learn Watercolor Facebook Testimonial
Learn Watercolor Facebook Testimonial
Learn Watercolor Facebook Testimonial
Learn Watercolor Facebook Testimonial
Learn Watercolor Facebook Testimonial

Lifetime access & Real feedback

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Join hundreds of students who are painting watercolor with our classes.

Home Variant 01 - watercolor

Great content and amazing people running it. From the very beginner, you can find classes to advanced level – Alina Lypovenko

Stress relief

Watercolor painting provides stress relief and promotes relaxation through its calming and therapeutic qualities.


It offers a creative outlet for self-expression, fostering joy, satisfaction, and a sense of accomplishment.


Engaging in watercolor painting cultivates mindfulness, improves focus, and enhances attention span.

Personal growth

Through continuous learning and personal growth, watercolor painting develops problem-solving skills and expands artistic abilities that can be applied to various aspects of life.

Lifetime access

$197one time

Hands down the most affordable and complete watercolor academy online!



47 watercolor classes ($1167 value)


Full beginner course ($297 value)


Real teacher feedback

Private Facebook group

Payment in 3x available


No reccuring payments

Money Back Garantee

Try our Watercolor Academy for 30-Day Risk Free

We believe in the quality and value of our courses. That’s why we’re proud to offer a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. We want you to dive into your watercolor journey with confidence and peace of mind. If you’re not completely satisfied with our courses within the first 30 days of your purchase, we’ll provide a full refund, no questions asked.

We’re dedicated to your artistic growth and satisfaction. So, explore our classes, learn new techniques, and let your creativity flow. If you don’t feel we’ve lived up to our promise, simply reach out to us, and we’ll make things right. That’s our commitment to your art and education.

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