Paint Birds in 6 Styles Intensive Course

Watercolor Winter Forest

Inside this watercolor course

This is a course-exploration of various styles you can watercolor in. Here we won’t talk & paint one specific thing, here we will discover painting styles such as: realistic, impressionistic, illustration, mixed, grisaille and sumi-e.

Each lesson in this course is devoted to one style that Yana will present to you, explaining its main features and ways to approach it in watercolor. To understand the theory better we will put knowledge into practice and paint a bird in the particular style Yana is talking about.

This way you will not only see a theory in action but also paint 6 beautiful watercolor birds!

    You will also learn what materials are necessary for each style since you can’t just use any paper or any brush. Each style requires its special approach and tools.

    Ready to expand your skills and maybe discover your favorite style? Join us!

    Quality Video & Sound

    We use professional equipment in a studio to record our videos. The sound is crisp, the image is clear and you will never miss a detail! Watch from any device from anywhere in the world.

    Easy To Follow Lessons

    Every course has a clear structure: from art tools to a color palette to the first layer. Every stroke is demonstrated from 2 angles and every technique is explained. And if you have questions you can always ask us directly.

    Strong Theoretical Basis

    No guess-work and intuitive painting. Our lessons are based on theory and academic knowledge which give students the ability to paint with confidence. You will not only know the "how" but also "the why".

    Watercolor techniques you will explore


    Wet on wet technique to achieve smooth color transitions, avoid sharp connecting lines and more effects.


    Repetitive layering as a way to build up depth and create realistic feeling of volume.


    How to let go and start painting loose watercolor.


    Major differences between watercolor techniques, when & why using it.


    How to combine gel pen and watercolor into a nice illustration.


    How to use multiple (mixed) techniques in one piece and still keep it light & airy.

    Lessons in this watercolor course

    Lesson 1 Watercolor Birds
    Lesson 4 Watercolor Birds
    Lesson 7 Watercolor Birds
    Lesson 10 Watercolor Birds
    Lesson 13 Watercolor Birds
    Lesson 16 Watercolor Birds
    Lesson 19 Watercolor Birds
    Lesson 2 Watercolor Birds
    Lesson 5 Watercolor Birds
    Lesson 8 Watercolor Birds
    Lesson 11 Watercolor Birds
    Lesson 14 Watercolor Birds
    Lesson 17 Watercolor Birds
    Lesson 20 Watercolor Birds
    Lesson 3 Watercolor Birds
    Lesson 6 Watercolor Birds
    Lesson 9 Watercolor Birds
    Lesson 12 Watercolor Birds
    Lesson 15 Watercolor Birds
    Lesson 18 Watercolor Birds
    Lesson 21 Watercolor Birds

    Meet your teacher, Yana

    Professional Watercolor Artist

    Yana is a professional award-winning watercolor artist with more than 10 years of experience.

    She’s tried different techniques and approaches to watercolor.

    She hosted weekly workshops in Thailand and organized classes and art events in different countries of Asia and Europe. Her work was group-exhibited in Vietnam and Spain, and original pieces are now in private collections around the world.

    About your teacher

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